GoPro Hero 5 Black: Defective Replacement- Water entry in front screen

So, I got my GoPro Hero 5 Black last year, November 27, 2016 as a birthday gift for myself. I have been using it actively for the past 9-10 months including underwater activities (Just normal splashes but no long underwater exposure). Just this first week of October, 2017, I was using it to take videos while on a falls which was really impossible that it wouldnt be exposed to the water. I was pretty confident while using it because the water was like only 1.5meter high and the GoPro5 can sustain up to 10m below water.

It was still fine and functioning well after that but it was until the next day that I’ve found out a water entry on its front screen. I was really shocked because how was it possible since I didn’t really expose it to the water that long.


When I turned it on to use it again, black vertical lines slowly appeared one by one and went on into a total black-out.  The screen’s touch went defective also.


There was no way I could use it except through the Capture App.

I immediately googled about same issues as mine and have gathered similar events that happened to other gopro5 users too. So what I did was I visited the gopro website and looked for their customer service tab. In there, I was asked to whether go on a phone call or chat with a gopro representative. Since calling was quite impossible because I live in the philippines which is really far from the states where gopro is based, I tried the chat option and I was that lucky that I was immediately connected to a representative, which was far different to other blogs who said they cant reach them through this option.

Going on, I stated the problem to the gopro representative about how everything happened and he asked me to take pics of the current state of my camera and I obliged. Maybe he was convinced that my camera was really defective despite the scratches along it due to its 9month old usage. I just went on to what he was telling me to do and I received several emails afterwards regarding the instructions of returning my item to them for replacement and some other important files that should go with my GoPro shipment.

Since the nearest GoPro head office from the Philippines is Singapore, GoPro has arranged a shipment through UPS to collect my camera in my Philippines address and ship it directly to Singapore. Note that I was told to only ship the camera without the memory card, charger, battery or anything. Just the camera.


The next day, I called the local UPS office in Manila, (02) 853 3333 to request for the pick-up of my item. They just asked for my tracking number which was in the e-mail that GoPro sent me. 3.jpg

They would just ask a few questions to verify your identity and about when do you want your item to get picked-up.

Note that the item should be properly wrapped in a bubble wrap and together with it, you needed to print out 3 copies of the following,

  • UPS Return Label


  • Commercial Invoice


  • Return Authorization 


These all can be found in the email from GoPro.

With regards to the fees, GoPro shouldered all the shipping costs except for the local shipping tax which was P185.00. Just prepare the exact amount because it will be given to the courier with the 3 copies each of the 3 documents above and the wrapped defective GoPro.

The UPS courier arrived 45-mins to 1-hour after the call (Around 1pm in the afternoon). You can track the package using the tracking number they provided on the UPS website.


My camera was delivered in the GoPro Singapore head office around 1 in the afternoon, exactly a day after I had it picked-up. GoPro has also notified me about it through e-mail.

Day 3

I received an e-mail from GoPro notifying me that my replacement camera was on its way to me.

Day 4

At around 1 in the afternoon, I received the replacement.


I just  felt a little disappointed that it has no battery since in the other internet posts I’ve read, they were given a new one. Hahah!

But still, kudos to GoPro’s customer service. It was really a smooth transaction.



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