Fortune Island: The Acropolis of Nasugbu

I’ve learned about the island while watching the trailer of Encantadia in GMA and was actually shocked that it is only in Nasugbu, Batangas. It really caught me because it ain’t my usual perception of a summer get-away beach. What makes Fortune Island special is its dilapidated colonnades lying on the peak of the Island which made everyone compare it to The Parthenon in Greece. Although in my own opinion, the colonnades were only built for aesthetic purposes since there is no other sign of use.

Upon researching about the place, I decided to go there last June 11, 2016 with my 3 other friends. I looked for additional companies on Facebook to lessen the overall expense and there I found DreWander Hike and Travel BuddyIt is a Facebook page organizing non profiting DIY  Group Travels around the Philippines. It is always nice to meet new friends so we decided to join their planned trip.

The contribution was P1350.00 only and there was 16 of us in the group. Here was our itinerary.


The itinerary is pretty accurate if followed. We left Shell Ayala, EDSA at 2 in the morning. We were in a 16-seater comfortable van. One advantage of joining experienced group of travelers when traveling is that you no longer have to take care of everything. You’ll just give your contribution to the organizer, and you can now relax and enjoy the trip because they will fix everything for you. Again, they don’t profit from these. They do these for companionship and to gain friends.

I and my friends were sleep deprived the day before so we just slept in the entire 3-hr van trip. We arrived at 5 in the morning in the Fortune Island Beach Resort to register in the local tourism office. We just waited inside the van while the trip’s organizer fixed all the payments for us. At around 6, we proceeded to the local boat terminal. It wasn’t what we expected. We thought that the Fortune Island’s popularity has already grown that maybe the local government had already provided a proper waiting area with comfort rooms but below was the situation. No waiting area, trash everywhere.

The situation at the boat terminal going to Fortune Island.

The boat we rented left at around 7 in the morning. It was only a small boat enough to cater the 16 of us.

You can’t fall asleep because it would be really dangerous.

We arrived at around 7:30 in the Island.

The shore of The Fortune Island.

There are no cottages or rooms within the island where you can leave or secure your things You just have to find your own spot among the ruined buildings or under the trees. That’s why it is advised to bring your own tent. Lucky for us, our group organizer brought one where we kept our things and changed clothes. Note: There are no CR’s in the island so if the nature calls you, you’re gonna have to do it behind the plants.

After changing in the tent, I and my friends walked around the island and here some of the features we visited.

This is one of the 3 statues around the island. I would advise not to touch it because it might affect the beauty of the monument since it is really old and you can’t rely on it as a support when taking picture because its structural quality has already reduced that you might fell off the cliff.
Explaining the structural quality of the statues, this one is already headless. Please refrain from touching these to preserve it beauty!
The lion statue just a few steps from the colonnade.
The dilapidated colonnade overlooking the entire shore.
Game of Thrones feels!
The cliff jumping area.
The cliff jumping area featuring its aquamarine blue waters.

I tried the 10 meter cliff jumping activity and if you want to check it, here is the link. I am a really good swimmer and it is not advised for beginners because the waves are way too big and dangerous.

This beautiful and peaceful spot is located in the right part of the island. Only few people goes there since most of the attractions are on the left side. This is perfect for you if you want to be in peace.
The clear and inviting water of the island.

Fortune Island Day Tour Budget / Expenses

I asked for an estimated breakdown of individual expenses from the trip’s organizer and here is what she gave to me.


I would really advise to have at least 10 members for lesser expenses. If you can’t reach that quota, you can search for DIY travels on facebook and look for other travelers wanting to go there too and negotiate with them.

Notes / Tips

  • There are no comfort rooms in the area so you’re gonna have to do *it* behind the plants.
  • Its not safe to enter the old structures since they are not structurally reliable
  • There are no stores within the island so don’t forget to bring your own food and drinks.
  • Bring your own tent.
  • Don’t get too far the shore when swimming especially if you don’t know how to swim since the waves are huge and the water is deep.
  • Don’t leave your trash in the island. Bring your own trash bag.
  • If you’re  doing the day-trip, it is advised to use the itinerary I posted for you to maximize all the activities in the island. Perhaps, the waves become stronger in the later afternoon.

The shower rooms and toilet in the Fortune Island Beach Resort (the one in Nasugbu proper) isn’t very sanitary and private for women so if you’re wishing to wash up there, you have to get yourself ready about the situation. If you want to wash-up privately, it costs P50 to use one of the bathrooms in their private rooms.

Negative Comments

  • No tourist assistance center in the port terminal.
  • No passenger waiting area in the port terminal.
  • No CR’s in the port terminal.
  • No Maintenance in the port terminal. It was clearly full of trash and it stinks.
  • No proper sanitation and privacy in the shower rooms of Fortune Island Beach Resort.

Contacts Numbers

To make boat reservation, contact :

Tatay Dante – 09394895292

Tatay Boy – 09186962488

Joel – 09361276462

Just drop your comments below for further questions 🙂

Instagram/ Twitter: official_richee




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